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Saturday, 07 February 2009 12:01

The C Kernel configuration (ckconfig,h)


The C Kernel Resource Definitions:

  • NR_OF_TASKS Maximum number of Tasks to allocate

  • NR_OF_QUEUES Maximum number of Queues to allocate


  • NR_OF_MBOXS Maximum number of Mailboxes to allocate

  • NR_OF_MSGS Maximum number of Messages to allocate

  • NR_OF_REGIONS Maximum number of Regions to allocate

  • NR_OF_SEMAS Maximum number of Semaphores to allocate

  • NR_OF_TIMERS Maximum number of Timers to allocate

Note: For NR_OF_MBOXS through NR_OF_TIMERS, a value of 0 means that no resources will be declared and will also exclude the code for that resource. If either NR_OF_MBOXS or NR_OF_MSGS is 0, both mailbox and messaging will not be available.



The C Kernel IdleTask stack size:

  • IDLE_STACK_SIZE Defines the stack size to use for the Idle Task

Note: The stack size to choose depends on the platform and memory resources available. But in general the stack for the Idle Task can be kept small, since the Idle task does nothing and only needs to be able to save it's own register contents.



The C Kernel Timing definitions:

  • KERNEL_TIMER Specifies the hardware timer to use for the C Kernel tick

  • KERNEL_TICKRATE Specifies the C Kernel tick rate in microseconds

  • ROUND_ROBIN Round Robin scheduling count in C Kernel ticks

Note: The hardware timer to use is only applicable if your binding supports selecting more than one hardware timer for the C Kernel tick. Round Robin scheduling is the time to use for rescheduling equal priority tasks.




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