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Welcome to The C Kernel website.

C Kernel
is a real-time preemptive kernel specially written for embedded applications running on various micro controller environments. Checkout the download section or the news sections to find out which micro controllers and C compilers are supported or are under development. Since The C Kernel is written in C it is easy to make new bindings (ports) to other compilers and micro controllers or processors.

The C Kernel Features:
  • Entirely written in C
  • Sources included
  • Easy portable to other platforms (currently supported: 8051+derivates, Fujitsu F2MC-16, Infineon C166+derivates, x86 and Z80)
  • Scalable and configurable at compile time
  • ROM/FLASHable, Small code size
  • Real-time priority based preemptive scheduling
  • Maximum of 255 resources such as tasks, semaphores, mailboxes etc
  • Task priorities between 0 (lowest) and 255 (highest)
  • Task Management, Semaphores, Mailboxes, Regions, Timers, Clock
  • Task states; Running, Ready, Receive, Sleep, Sleep Suspended, Suspended, Wait, Wait Region
  • Time slicing (round robin scheduling) for tasks with equal priorities
  • Royalty free
For more detailed information please choose any of The C Kernel's menu options under the Main menu on the left, and find out about the API, modules and structure, applications examples and other details.
If you are interested in using The C Kernel for your application or just for trying out and playing with an embedded real-time kernel and you want more information, please go to the contacts page and send an e-mail to any of the listed e-mail contacts. Downloads are only available if you register to the website. Specific binding files have to be requested through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

There is still a lack of a good coding practice in many companies, not to speak about using a common company coding style throughout your teams. There is quite some good resources to find nowadays regarding C Styles and coding practices. It is important to stick to a set of guidelines and rules in projects or in your company. Therefore you will find the C Style Guide on this website as well. Of course The C Kernel complies to this C Style Guide. Feel free to use this style guide as a template for your own.



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